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MG641 Organizational Behavior Lesson#2 Assignment#3 Study Chapter 2 Organizational Behavior Case, "I Want Out," found on pages 57-58 of Organizational Behavior (11th Edition) and answer the following questions: 1. In Frank's view, how important is the work ethic? How is this view causing him problems? According to Frank’s point of view, his work ethic is very important to him. It sounds as if his opinion on the matter is the only opinion he considered. As stated, Frank had no experience with the Peruvian culture, so he was merely attempting to transfer his beliefs and ideals to his new venue. He expected them to accommodate him rather than him trying to adapt to their culture and play by their rules. In his defense, he was only given a week’s notice that he would be leaving. On the other hand, since he had been in the country six months, he should have been able to adapt in that timeframe. No doubt Frank is frustrated as he is in a new situation where there is
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MG641L2A3 - MG641 Organizational Behavior Lesson#2...

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