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BA623 Health Services Law and Policy Lesson #2 Assignment #2 Read 'Nurse Injects Patients With Lidocaine' on page 67-68 of your text. 1. Examine how the evidence showed - when there were no eyewitnesses - that the defendant was the one who killed the 12 patients. There need not be eyewitnesses to prove that the nurse murdered 12 patients. There were an unusual number of deaths in a short period of time in a community hospital, where there was not likely a large census or a highly critical patient population. The nurse had contact with all those who died, and they had similar symptoms including seizures and cardiac/respiratory arrest. If they were on telemetry, arrhythmias may have been noted as well. There were also large amounts of lidocaine found at the patients’ bedsides and at the defendant’s home. Moreover, the nurse was found to have exhibited strange behavior on the nights of the deaths. She was the only nurse on duty on most of those nights in question, and she had an opportunity to administer the drug even when others were present. 2. Discuss the processes hospitals should implement to prevent such occurrences (e.g.
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