Neil Gonzales, ACCT 420-V3WW, Assignment 1-5 Final

Neil Gonzales, ACCT 420-V3WW, Assignment 1-5 Final - that...

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Assignment 1-5 Research Tutorial and Memo 50 total points Deliverables Research Skills Interactive Session , due May 8 . Tax Research Memo 1 , worth 50 points and due May 29 . Overview In this assignment you will focus on the analysis involved in taxpayer issues from the research perspective. You will have the opportunity to assess your competencies in researching taxpayer issues through the proper tax authority sources. You will assess your effectiveness in documenting the outcomes of your research. The preparation of an effective and efficient research paper requires a thorough analysis of the issue, facts, and authoritative rule, statement, or regulation to determine an appropriate conclusion. To accomplish this in this assignment, you will be producing a research paper
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Unformatted text preview: that is structured utilizing the I.R.A.C. method. I.R.A.C. is an acronym for: I ssue(s), R ule(s), A nalysis and C onclusion. When writing a tax memorandum in practice, it is more common to see a variation of the IRAC method. Typically, you would see these general categories: 1. Taxpayer Facts and Issue(s) 2. Rules (Summary of relevant tax authorities) 3. Analysis (applying relevant tax authorities to tax payer facts and issues(s) 4. Conclusion In order to prepare yourself for workplace expectations, you are encouraged to modify your traditional IRAC format to the tax professional memorandum outlined here....
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Neil Gonzales, ACCT 420-V3WW, Assignment 1-5 Final - that...

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