Neil Gonzales, ACCT 420-V3WW, Assignment 2-5 Final

Neil Gonzales, ACCT 420-V3WW, Assignment 2-5 Final - , the...

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Assignment 2-5 Proctor for Exam 1 Due: May 8 Purpose To arrange for a proctor for your course exams. L 3 Traits Action Items 1. Arrange for a location to take your course Assignment 4-3: Exam 1 . For students in the Columbus area, you must make arrangements with the professor to take your tests at the Student Learning Center (SLC) at the main or Northwest campus. Students unable to take proctored exams in the Franklin University SLC must arrange to take such tests under the supervision of an approved proctor. Some suggested sources of proctors are individual professors or testing centers at other colleges and universities, as well as the human resources office of employers. Note: If you need assistance in locating a proctor, contact the SLC at: 1-877- 341-6300 Ext. 6800 or 1-614-947-6800. 2. By the end of Week 2
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Unformatted text preview: , the Off-Campus Test Proctor Approval and Information Form must be sent to the course professor for approval of the proctor. The exam will then be sent by the university SLC directly to the proctor, and the proctor will return the test directly to the SLC for submission to your professor. 3. Note: For Assignment 4-3: Exam 1 , you must schedule a time to take the exam during Week 4. Submission Instructions • By Sunday of this week , you must e-mail your professor the completed Proctor Form stating your proctor arrangements including your scheduled date and time to take the exam. • Access your e-mail to confirm approval by your professor for your selected proctor or if there is additional proctor information or arrangements needed for the taking of the class examinations....
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Neil Gonzales, ACCT 420-V3WW, Assignment 2-5 Final - , the...

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