Congress (revised outline)

Congress (revised outline) - Congress: Growth and...

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Congress: Growth and Development I. The Early Congress a) The Party Caucus (1808-1824) After Jackson stepped down his party needed a new representative Was an elite insider game Dem-Rep were in charge of deciding the pres nomination every 4 years Dem-Rep had a lot of pro war voices “War Hawks” Madison was a smart man but not confrontational Party caucus strengthen congress 1824 was last year party caucus was used II Rise of the House Speakership Speaker of the house is third in line for presidency a) Henry Clay Consolidate power in the office He extended control over congressional committees Was “war Hawk” Supporters National Bank, Environment keep up Uses his power to threaten Madison to go to war or be voted out Election 1824 top finishers were Jackson, Adams, Crawford Clay agreed more with Adams, and influences the election of pres to Adams II. Congress' dominance confirmed When making public policy decisions congress gets the power
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Congress (revised outline) - Congress: Growth and...

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