Federalism (outline)

Federalism (outline) - 20 of bank and 80 was private •...

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Federalism Federalism- Basic structure of government 1 fed government, 50 states, 1,000’s local government, each level has its own policies. Fed level is supreme in most levels o Postal service o Trade w/ other countries o Treaties with other countries o Wars (military) o Examples of State Power o Road ways o Public Schools o o Marriage o Prisions o Inherent Conflict o Labor Policies o Abortion o States Responsibilities o Speed limits (some) o o Zoning (construction) o Laws of community Noise ordinances o Liquor License McCulloch v. Maryland, (1819) o Background on the case State (Maryland) trying to interfere with federal gov to carry out its policy. National Bank of the United States Provided currency and was chartered by congress. 1816 2 nd bank of US chartered by congress. Gov. owned
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Unformatted text preview: 20% of bank and 80% was private • Power over the entire financial system • Maryland levees a tax against the national bank o Banks refuses to pay o Case goes to supreme court o John marshall- federalist served for 34 yrs chief of justice o Banks was held as constitutional by courts o Implied Powers Implied within the constitution Flow from explicit powers that are written in the constitution • Ex: creation of the states department o Bars state interference with constitutionally ordained functions of the federal government Proven unconstitutional the taxes of Maryland are thrown away o The Constitution as a compact between “The People” not the states People can change the constitution People have power not states Marshall rejects this view...
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Federalism (outline) - 20 of bank and 80 was private •...

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