Interest Groups (outline)

Interest Groups (outline) - Interest Groups Madison on...

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Interest Groups Madison on Factions o Federalist Papers (ambition counteracting ambition) o Interest Groups and what they do: Refer to any group of people with common interest in politics and gov.; who work together to achieve political outcomes. United by common economic interests Any cooperation is able to form interest groups, for lobbying o Lobbying Educate elected officials on lower/higher levels and unelected officials Active in influencing decisions that are made Work on behalf of an interest group Know how to persuade and represent there group. More political & elite; lobbyist meets with elected officials to discuss a bill or law o Electioneering - Trying to get an elected official into office Political Action Committees Largest share of PAC represents the business community Influential for advertising o Public Persuasion Advertising is done a lot through media Lobbing- through direct mail Raises small amounts of $
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Interest Groups (outline) - Interest Groups Madison on...

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