Presidents and Presidential Powers (outline)

Presidents and Presidential Powers (outline) - Presidents...

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Presidents and Presidential Powers I. Overview Creation was at the constitutional convention 1787 Worries of abuse of power Arguments against term limits II. George Washington 1 st president of US, Adams was VP(Federlist) Knew that how he used his power as president would affect future presidents b) Challenges of the presidency Finacally unstable No stable currency under the new constitution Treasures secretary is Alexander Hamilton (on 10$ bill) c) Challenges of the Washington Administration Issues with political parties Administrations decisions concerning foregin policy d) Neutrality Proclamation Not takings sides, ex: Britian Vs. France Important land mark movement President expect greater freedom to exercise foreign policys III. Andrew Jackson-1828 (elected) Unlike any other president before him View was that presidents are reps for the people and should be there protectors b) The first “People’s President” Representative/protector of the people 1 st westerner president Was not apart of an elite family 1 st self made pres of US Interst in dualing, gambeling, permisquious Populioust within the people He was general in military Wins victory 1815 in new orleans
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Commoners view him a “The good guy” Martin Vanburan built the democratic party around Jackson to appeal to people all over the country Jackson ran for presidency in 1824 The house of rep had to choose the pres Adams was elected 1828 jackson wins Vs. Adams Ordinary citizens were invited by Jackson to see the enogoration and then a party after art the whit house. Party was a failure caused 1,000’s of $ in damage
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Presidents and Presidential Powers (outline) - Presidents...

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