Microbial Metabolism-Puzzle

Microbial Metabolism-Puzzle - pathway. NO LONGER...

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Microbial Metabolism a Across 3. Enzyme's functional site. ACTIVE SITE 6. Catabolic process that convert fatty acids to acetyl COA. HYDROGENATION 9. Metabolic process that results in partial oxidation of metabolites. CATABOLISM 10. Chemicals that speed up a reaction without being altered permenantly by the reaction. CATALIZE 11. The final electron aceptor in aerobic respiration. OXYGEN Down 1. The end product of a metabolic pathway inhibits the initial step in the
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Unformatted text preview: pathway. NO LONGER SYNTHESIZED 2. Catabolic process that remove amino group from aminoacids. CITRIC ACID 4. Transferring amine group from one amino acid to another TRANSAMINATION 5. Biological oxidations involving loss of hydrogenation atoms.Redox-reaction 7. Amount of energy needed to start a chemical reaction.Activation energy 8. Metabolic reactions that proceed in either direction.Amphibolic...
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Microbial Metabolism-Puzzle - pathway. NO LONGER...

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