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PPt 4 Destinations and Venues

PPt 4 Destinations and Venues - Geography Destinations and...

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Unformatted text preview: Geography Destinations and Venues Destinations and Venues Geographic Hierarchy Geographic Hierarchy • Destination is the Core of the Experience • Many are Iconic sites, but can change quickly and are affected by social, economic, and political factors. • Destinations Usually Provide – – Accommodations – Equipment – Food – Transportation • Alternative opportunities & activities. Geographic Hierarchy Geographic Hierarchy Continents Countries Regions Large Geographical Feature Local Area Small Geographic Feature Geographic Location of Destinations Geographic Location of Destinations Mountains Rural Destinations Coastal Urban Activities at Destinations Activities at Destinations Mind­based Air­based Destinations Land­based Water­based Typologies of Destinations Typologies of Destinations Traditional vs. New Geographic Location Activity Destination Seasonality Adventure vs. Traditional Tourism Journey as part of the Adventure Adventure Tourism Encouraged/Discouraged Multiple vs. Single Activity Adventure Tourism Venues Adventure Tourism Venues Natural vs. Artificial/Man­made Activity vs. Activity Plus Services Commercial vs. Nonprofit Private ­ Nonprofit – Public Open vs. Restricted Small Group Exercise Small Group Exercise • Pick any specific adventure tourism activity and describe where it is carried out both a) globally and b) here in the USA. • What factors influence these patterns, both a) physical geographic factors and b) human geographic factors? • Is the geography of the activity likely to change in either the USA or globally? Why? ...
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