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COURSE SYLLABUS HTM 268 ADVENTURE TOURISM Instructor & Class Information Instructor: Robert R. Robins, MSA, CCM, CHE Contact Details: Office: B-3-251 Mackinac Hall Office Phone: 331-8867 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment. Class Meeting: Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 pm – 3:20 pm May 11, 2009 - Jun 17, 2010 Room: MAK B-1-122 (Occasional minor changes to the meeting room or location will occur throughout the semester) Credit Value:3 Prerequisites: None – PED 102 Suggested Course Description: This class aims to provide students with an understanding of the evolutionary & current development of Adventure Tourism as a significant sector of the Leisure & Tourism industry. The class takes a multidisciplinary approach analyzing "adventure" from philosophical, historical, social & geographical viewpoints. Key issues relating to history, participants & motivation, industry structures, the recreation cycle, destinations, environments & contemporary issues are examined in order to develop a contextual understanding of the adventure tourism industry. Although recognized as having strong growth potential for a number of years, the importance of the adventure travel industry in the global marketplace is only now being realized. The market is growing faster than any other tourism activity (approx 15%) per year as consumers seek more active rather than passive vacation activities. At present approximately 80% of participants opt for ‘soft adventure’ 1
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Learning Outcomes/ Course Objectives: The learning outcomes highlight the key skills and/or knowledge which students are expected to learn from the class. Students should remember that achievement of these outcomes is dependent on lecture attendance, class participation, participation in decisions that relate to the assessment, assignment completion and additional reading. For the HTM 268 Adventure Tourism class students are expected to achieve the following outcomes: 1. Understand the growth and historical development of adventurous activities & tourism. 2. Understand the typology and motivations of adventure participants. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of adventure tourism environments, destinations & their unique characteristics. 4. Examine the role of teambuilding & leadership through adventure activities and apply the knowledge in a lab based climbing environment. 5. Explore the key risk factors influencing an adventure tourism product. Teaching & Learning Methods: Each session will comprise of a variety of lectures, discussion, and seminars to facilitate deeper comprehension of the subject and topic areas. Students will be encouraged to participate in debate, classroom exercises and discussions, both in large and small group activities. In addition, at least 2 lab-based activities are
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HTM_268_Syllabus_Summer_2010 - COURSE SYLLABUS HTM 268...

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