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1 EEE 410 – Microprocessors I Spring 04/05 – Lecture Notes # 19 Outline of the Lecture Interfacing the Serial Port Basics of Serial Communication Asynchronous Data Communication and Data Framing RS232 and other Serial I/O Standards B ASICS OF S ERIAL C OMMUNICATION ¾ Computers transfer data in two ways: parallel and serial. Parallel communication is fast and efficient. In parallel communication 8 or more lines (wire conductors) are used to transfer data to a device that only a few feet away. (e.g. printers, hard disks etc.) Parallel communication provides much faster transfer of data with compared to serial communication. However for long distances the number of wires required as well as the distortion on the signals in parallel wires makes parallel communication for long distances not reliable. Also the synchronization of the parallel signals is a big problem. Serial communication sends 1 bit at a time, so it is slower with compared to parallel communication. For long distances serial communication provides robust way of data transfer. Because there is no problem of synchronization. Serial communication requires less number of wires for communication. Serial communication is used in modems, keyboards etc. Serial versus Parallel Data transfer. Asynchronous /Synchronous Methods ¾ Serial data communication uses two methods: asynchronous and synchronous . Synchronous communication requires common timing signals and common clock for synchronization. This means that as well as the data, the clock signals must also be transmitted along. In synchronous method a block of data at a time is transmitted. In asynchronous method a single byte is transferred at a time. For example,
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eee410_lecture19 - EEE 410 Microprocessors I Spring 04/05...

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