Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Prep

Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Prep - FINS 5550 / FINS 3650...

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FINS 5550 / FINS 3650 — International Banking Recap of Week 1 Preparation for Week 2 Revised Course Outline The revised course outline has been posted on Blackboard. The revised outline includes some changes to the assessment process (also discussed below) and the actual course topics which the lectures will address. The Role of Lectures This is incorporated into the revised course outline, but bears repeating: The purpose of the lecture is to provide structure before the fact. Prior to the lecture, you will have relatively little in the way of preparatory readings. During the lecture, you will be expected to listen, but not to take encyclopaedic notes. So relax and enjoy. After the lecture, your responsibility begins. Starting with the references posted on Blackboard, make your own mashup, and locate your newly acquired detailed knowledge within the framework suggested by the lecturer. Alternatively, substitute your own framework. (And if you do so, this is precisely what would make a successful topic for a paper.) And consider sharing your mashup, by posting it on Blackboard — extra credit! (Not exactly, but more on that below.) Assessment I understand that some of you are uncomfortable with the concept of ‘extra credit’, as if it were somehow unfair to give students the opportunity to demonstrate that they have learned parts of the core curriculum. Nonetheless, I have discussed this with the Head of School, and have clarified my assessment approach to correspond exactly with school policy. 50 marks are required for a ‘Pass’ or ‘Credit’ grade. 65 marks can be earned by taking tests. 5 marks can be earned by perfect attendance (2 marks if you make all but one). Given that the three hours of lecture incorporates the tutorial, I am also allowed to award 10 marks for class participation. Given the size of the class, and the fact that this is the 21 st century, I interpret class participation not only as speaking in the lecture theatre, but also ‘speaking’ on Blackboard. So, for example, in the first lecture you were challenged to prove the formula for
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Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Prep - FINS 5550 / FINS 3650...

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