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key questions for midterm review

key questions for midterm review - 1 How do Americans feel...

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1. How do Americans feel about marriage and families? What do families do that is important for society? What do families do that is important for the individuals in them? How do sociologists go about studying families? What are the leading theoretical approaches to studying families? What functions have families traditionally performed? 2. How did American families change after the United States was founded? How have the family histories of major ethnic and racial groups differed? How did the emotional character of the American family change during the early twentieth century? What important changes occurred in marriage and childbearing in the last half of twentieth century? How does the life-course perspective help us to understand social change? 3. How might fetal development affect the behavior of women and men? How do sociologists distinguish between the concepts of "sex" and "gender"? How do children learn the gender roles of women and men? How does everyday life reinforce gender differences? Are gender differences built into the structure of society? What have been
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