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Soci 169 Paper #1 Guide

Soci 169 Paper #1 Guide - Soci 169 Changing Family Forms...

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Soci 169: Changing Family Forms GUIDELINES FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1 SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY VIA BLACKBOARD The general requirement of this writing assignment is posted on Blackboard. This guideline is intended to give you specific requirements and tips on how you can develop your essay. BASICS: Discuss how Democrats and Republicans (or the left and right more generally) employ discussions about health care as it relates to families and family policies. This is a comparative analysis. Analyze the implied meaning of their rhetoric 1 from a social science perspective. CONTENT: Choose ONE issue in the health care debate that involves families (i.e. uninsured children, coverage of domestic partners, teenage pregnancy, Roe vs. Wade, Medigap, infant mortality). Discuss why this is a social problem. Find illustrative quotations and passages from reliable articles (e.g., New York Times, Washington Post) and/or reputable websites (e.g., policy think-tanks such as the Brookings Institute, the Cato Institute) that communicate the relevance of the issue to families and proposed solutions from each side of the debate..
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