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Question 4 To encourage the collaboration and connection of ADL with its thousands of employees who are spread around more than fifty countries, they will need a system that will make the spread of information within the company employees easier and simpler than it really is. One of the problems of the current system is that it is irrelevant to the vision of the company and does not contribute much to its success much. Now as ADL realizes that change should be in four change domains, content management, cultural linkage and enhancement, the enhancement of work process, and the enhancement of the infrastructure. The following would be a plan for each of those domains. Content management In a content management system, the content is stored and managed at the sub-document level for greater content reuse. And this system has five main functions: 1. Maintaining Security. 2. Managing Objects. 3. Managing Servers. 4. Managing Auditing. 5. Maintaining Report. This would help ADL to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. Culture Linkage With increasing attention directed at the importance of workplace diversity, organizations are faced with the daunting task of effectively managing the diversity they have, for a varitety of reasons, diversity and diversity management practices have become more prevalent in
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adl - Question 4 To encourage the collaboration and...

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