marketing 7.10.08

marketing 7.10.08 - You got to touch feel You got to smell...

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Marketing 7.10.08 MARKETING INFORMATION Knowledge is power Strategy vs. implementation Distinction: information vs. insight What do we get/ measure Customer/wants/needs Substance analysis Competitors You Perception analysis Competitors You Relevance/effectiveness: Pre and Post action Product / service features Messaging Band awareness From whom do we want it? Internal Employees Key strategic partners External Customers Prospective customers Competitors Suppliers Media/ press Research providers/ service When do we get it? Input to strategy Validation of strategy Positioning research Advertising/ messaging strategy Product relevance How do we get it? Research process Define problem Develop research objectives
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Develop research plan Methodology Research subjects identification Participant recruiting Incentives Initiate plan Analyze results/ reports How do we get it? CR tip: most powerful tool You got to listen You go to pay attention, “look”
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Unformatted text preview: You got to touch, feel You got to smell You got to speak You got to ask question How do we get it? Primary research Interviews Focus groups Phone surveys Email/ on line surveys Blog diaries Ethnography Field intercept Field audit Dumpster diving! Guerilla: street intercepts Trade shows Research companies General Specialized Nielson Comscore/ Media Metrix Existing research reports Internet sites, blogs, etc. Library Companies Homework and assignment Political-hands free cell phone law Identify at least 2-3 customer audience segments that are affected by this, directly or indirectly, and how/ why. For each segment, identify how the issue creates new or impacts existing customer wants, needs, and demands and provide at least 2-3 examples for each segment. Case project assignment “company / brand” selection...
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marketing 7.10.08 - You got to touch feel You got to smell...

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