IM Qize3 - 1 07-014 . (Points: 2.0) 1 David Lei noted that...

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1 . 07-014 (Points: 2.0) 1 David Lei noted that the single greatest impediment managers face when seeking to learn or renew sources of competitive advantage is that ________. a. great venture partners are hard to find 2 b. technologies change very rapidly 3 c. partners can become competitors 4 d. governments can be fickle 2 . 07-005 (Points: 2.0) 1 Alliances in which two or more partners have different relative ownership shares (equity percentages) in the new venture are called ________. a. cultural strategic alliances 2 b. equity strategic alliances 3 c. non-equity strategic alliances 4 d. transmodal strategic alliances 3 . 07-002 (Points: 2.0) 1 ________ are partnerships between two or more firms who decide they can better pursue their mutual goals by combining their resources as well as their existing distinctive competitive advantages. a. Strategic alliances 2 b. Export management companies 3 c. Company subsidiaries 4 d. Turnkey operations 4 . 07-016 (Points: 2.0) 1 The dual role of strategic alliance refers to ________.
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a. the need to find resources and markets 2 b. the need to find people and processes 3 c. the conflict between cooperation and competition 4 d. the conflict between home and host governments 5 . 07-024 (Points: 2.0) 1 According to Buckley, managers of foreign companies planning to set up business in Russia should consider the following: a. Bribe paying may be necessary given the level of corruption. 2
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IM Qize3 - 1 07-014 . (Points: 2.0) 1 David Lei noted that...

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