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SIOP Model Adapted Lesson Plan: Metric Weight Measurement Aspects highlighted in yellow indicate SIOP adaptations or aspects that support the SIOP model. Grade : 4 th Grade Content Area : Mathematics Standard: M4M1. Students will understand the concept of weight and how to measure it. b. Know units used to measure weight ( gram, kilogram , ounces, pounds and tons). ( Lesson Preparation) Objectives : Content Objective: ( Lesson Preparation) The students will know the two metric units used to measure weight and be able to assign those units to measure specific items by determining which unit of measure to use to measure the weight 10 objects at 100% mastery. Language Objectives: ( Lesson Preparation) The students will use the terms more than, less than, and exactly when estimating weight. The students will discuss in groups as they explore the metric weight manipulatives. Pre-Assessment The teacher will pre-assess the students’ knowledge of measurement by obtaining the results of the pre-test on ThinkGate. This assessment is given every nine weeks and it pre-assesses the students’ knowledge of the upcoming math concepts. The teacher will use the item analysis from this to guide instruction. According the assessment, the students scored 44%, 44% and 66% accuracy on the three questions pertaining to this concept. If this assessment was not available, the attached homework sheet could also be used as a pre-assessment. Introduction : The teacher will then ask volunteers to remind the class on why being able to estimate weight and knowing weight is important. This importance will have been discussed during the previous day’s lesson on standard system of measurement. (Building Background)
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Before discussing the metric system with the students, the teacher will create a scenario for the class to help them understand the importance of having a standard unit of measure throughout the world. The teacher will have the class pretend that Student A lives in France measures with wiggles and Student B lives in England and measures with waggles. What if student A asked student B to send a wiggle’s worth of tea? Would student B know how much tea to send? The students should respond with a no because student B uses waggles to measure and would have no idea how much a wiggle is. The teacher will then explain that several years ago a man in France created the metric system as a common system of measurement. The teacher will explain that having a common system of measurements means that everyone knows how to use that system. ( Building Background) The teacher will explain to the students that they will be learning about the metric system today. The teacher will review the following learning objectives for the day. The teacher will do this by having the students read the objectives aloud. ( Lesson Preparation) Know the two units of measure in the metric system for measuring weight. Know which metric unit to use to measure different objects.
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SIOP_Adapted_Lesson_Plan - SIOP Model Adapted Lesson Plan...

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