Bullies Are criminals

Bullies Are criminals - B ullies Are criminals I strongly...

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Bullies Are criminals I strongly support that bullies are criminals it is not often that student are charged in criminal court for their participation in bullying. But now a day student is putting themselves in problem by various crimes, including: violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, and disturbing a school assembly and last but not the least bullying. Sometimes such as “Two male students have also been charged with statutory rape.” Can you imagine teenage students raping? No matter how you view this case, it is tragic. A parent who has grown up their child has experienced a horrific void for the rest of the life after losing their child to suicide stemming directly or indirectly from experiences with bullying. Adults in the family and school officials should dismiss bullying as “kids will be kids” behavior or a “rite of passage” and they should pay more attention to these kinds of behaviors from students should pay close attention to these worst case scenarios. In the case of teens, bullying actions involved are reprehensible, I am interested in where
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