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1 Sample ASP Files – Drill-Down Select (Part 1) Mote’s Notes 4/6/2011 Basic.asp This is not a drill-down, but it forms the basis of our drill-down examples. < stuff deleted > <html> <head> <title>Basic Report</title> <link rel=stylesheet type='text/css' href=' style.css '> </head> <!--#include file=" MyInfo.asp " --> <body> <% ' Open connection to back-end SQL Server database Set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") conn.CommandTimeout=15 conn.ConnectionTimeout=15 conn.Open BackEnd ' Open employee recordset sql="SELECT * FROM tblEmployee ORDER BY LastName, FirstName" Set rst=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") rst.Open sql, conn ' Display employee data (as table/grid) Response.Write("<h3>Employees</h3>") Response.Write("<table border=0>") Response.Write("<tr>") Response.Write("<th align='left'>Name</th>") Response.Write("<th align='center'>EID</th>") Response.Write("<th align='left'>Job Title</th>") Response.Write("<th align='right'>Salary</th>") Response.Write("<th align='left'>Address</th>") Response.Write("<th align='center'>Photo</th>") Response.Write("</tr>") Ignore the cascading stylesheet. You are not responsible for it. Change the myDatabase line in MyInfo.asp to your own SQL Server database.
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2 CountEmployees=0 SumSalaries=0 CountPhotos=0 Do Until rst.EOF CountEmployees=CountEmployees+1 SumSalaries=SumSalaries+rst("AnnualSalary") FullName=rst("FirstName") & " " & rst("LastName") If Len(rst("City"))>0 Then If Len(rst("State"))>0 Then Address=rst("City") & ", " & rst("State") Else Address=rst("City") End If Else If Len(rst("State"))>0 Then Address=rst("State") Else Address="Unknown" End If End If Response.Write("<tr>") Response.Write("<td align='left'>" & FullName & "</td>") Response.Write("<td align='center'>" & rst("EID") & "</td>") Response.Write("<td align='left'>" & rst("JobTitle") & "</td>") Response.Write("<td align='right'>" & FormatCurrency(rst("AnnualSalary"),0) & "</td>") Response.Write("<td align='left'>" & Address & "</td>") If Len(rst("PhotoURL"))>0 Then
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This note was uploaded on 05/26/2011 for the course MIS 325 taught by Professor Mote during the Spring '08 term at University of Texas.

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Drill Down Select - Sample ASP Files Drill-Down Select(Part...

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