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Drill Down Select 2 - Sample ASP Files Drill-Down...

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1 Sample ASP Files – Drill-Down Select (Part 2) Mote’s Notes 4/11/2011 DrillDown2A.asp The user enters a city and state abbreviation into textboxes, then a filtered version of the basic employee report is shown. If the user can't spell, or if no one lives in the specified location, or if one of the textboxes is left blank, the report will be blank. <html> <head> <title>Drill-Down 2A</title> <link rel=stylesheet type='text/css' href='MyStyle.css'> </head> <body> <% Response.Write("<h2>Drill-Down 2A: Employee Search by Address</h2>") ' Begin input form Response.Write("<form action='DrillDown2A-Step2.asp' method='post'>") Response.Write("<table border=0>") ' Display city and state textboxes Response.Write("<tr>") Response.Write("<th align='left'>City / State</th>") Response.Write("<td align='left'><input type='text' name='City' style='width:200px'> <input type='text' name='State' style='width:50px'></td>") Response.Write("</tr>") ' Display search button Response.Write("<tr>") Response.Write("<td></td>") Response.Write("<td align='left'><input type='submit' value='Search' style='width:100px'></td>") Response.Write("</tr>") Response.Write("</table>") ' End input form Response.Write("</form>") %> </body> </html>
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DrillDown2A-Step2.asp This is almost identical to DrillDown1A-Step2.asp except for two small changes: ' Fetch user input from previous page SelectedCity=CleanString( Request.Form("City") ) SelectedState=CleanString( Request.Form("State") ) ' Open employee recordset sql="SELECT * FROM tblEmployee WHERE City='" & SelectedCity & "' AND State='" & SelectedState & "' ORDER BY LastName, FirstName"
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Drill Down Select 2 - Sample ASP Files Drill-Down...

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