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1 Sample ASP Files - Cookies Mote’s Notes 4/27/2011 Cookies can be used to pass information between multiple ASP scripts. Cookies allow a much more flexible application design than the classic drill-down, page-to-page parameter passing we've seen in our other sample ASP scripts. The general command for saving a value (i.e., parameter) in a cookie is: Response.Cookies("CookieName")("ParameterName") = Value You can save any number of values in a single cookie. The general command for reading a previously saved value is: Value = Request.Cookies("CookieName")("ParameterName") This small example demonstrates the basic mechanics of using cookies. The CookieWriter.asp script writes the user's information (and an expiration date/time) to a cookie named SampleCookie on the user's computer. The CookieReader.asp script reads the information from the previously created cookie. CookieWriter.asp
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2 <% ' The Response.Buffer command should be the first line of any file that writes cookies Response.Buffer=True %> <html>
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ASP Cookies - Sample ASP Files - Cookies Motes Notes...

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