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1 Sample ASP Files - Hackers Mote’s Notes 4/27/2011 Dynamic web sites (not just ASP sites) are notorious targets for unwanted attacks. Two of the most common types of attacks are HTML-based and SQL-based. HTML attacks are aimed at web pages that allow the user to insert and update records in the backend database. SQL injection attacks, on the other hand, are generally aimed at textboxes on drill-down web pages. Both types of attacks are simple to defend. Sadly, many organizations fail to take the necessary precautions. Just ask the 197,000 innocent victims of the 2006 McCombs attack. Identity theft is a booming business. HTML Attacks The basic idea of an HTML attack is to use an unprotected insert/update web page to save html tags in the backend database. These unwanted tags may be used to alter the intended appearance of a page (e.g., boldness, font changes), to insert unauthorized content (e.g., political statements), to insert hyperlinks to external web sites, or to insert unwanted graphics (e.g., porn). While an HTML attack does not access or destroy the confidential information held in a backend database, an undetected attack can lead to corporate embarrassment. Somebody attacked us. Here is our Basic.asp page. How embarrassing.
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ASP Hackers - Sample ASP Files - Hackers Motes Notes...

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