Book Review - Managing Project Risk and Uncertainty

Book Review - Managing Project Risk and Uncertainty -...

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Unformatted text preview: Managing Project Risk and Uncertainty Chris Chapman and Stephen Ward, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester 2002, Hardbound 498 pp, £27.50, ISBN 0 470 84790 5 This is the latest in a long line of risk management related offerings by these well respected authors. Risk management is intrinsically linked to project manage- ment and all project teams perform it, although some do so unwittingly! Project management professionals should have an appreciation of a risk management pro- cess. This book will not provide that appreciation. Rather than add to the already overcrowded market of ‘Project risk managment’ books, Chapman and Ward have done something different. The authors use the fact that uncertainty and risk go hand-in-hand. To manage uncertainty is to manage risk and visa versa. This book is about managing uncertainty in managerial decision processes from a project manage- ment perspective. To manage uncertainty efficiently requires a process that can sort out those areas of uncertainty that warrant attention and those that are worth managerial time bothering with. This book pre- sents 10 tales which illustrate uncertainty management in action. The tales are based on real life cases but have been blended together to integrate issues and provide a clear on discussion of the principles that the authors want to put across. Each tale illustrates how uncertainties associated with particular stages of the decision pro- cess can be explored in order to improve the quality of the decision process. The issues covered by the tales are: Buffer managment in the supply chain of a lawn- mower manufacturer....
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Book Review - Managing Project Risk and Uncertainty -...

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