Estimating time accurately ..

Estimating time accurately .. - Estimating time accurately...

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Time Management Stress Management Information Skills Communication Skills Memory Improvement Leadership Skills Problem Solving Decision Making Project Management Practical Creativity Project Management and Much More! The key tools on the Mind Tools site, brought together into one easily downloadable, easily printable PDF. More> Not a Member Yet? The Mind Tools Career Excellence Club gives you the training, coaching and support you need to make a lasting success of your career. Take our FREE tour, and find out what it can do for you! Recent Discussions: Empowerment 101 Leadership by the New Generation Project Manager Scorecard?? Quick Start Download Site Career Community Leadership Training Time Management Training Stress Training Career Direction Achieve More Lead Effectively Manage Stress Improve Memory Find Direction Free help Self-Study Courses Career Community Training Programs New Managers Professionals Employees Career Starters About Mind Tools Contact Us What's New? Site Services Links Estimating Time Accurately Accurate time estimation is a skill essential to good project management. It is important to get time estimates right for two main reasons: Time estimates drive the setting of deadlines for delivery of projects, and hence peoples' assessments of your reliability 1. They often determine the pricing of contracts and hence their profitability. 2. Usually people vastly underestimate the amount of time needed to implement projects. This is true particularly when they are not familiar with the task to be carried out. They forget to take into account unexpected events or unscheduled high priority work. People also often simply fail to allow for the full complexity involved with a job. This section discusses how to estimate time on small
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Estimating time accurately .. - Estimating time accurately...

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