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Management of the Project-Oriented Company Roland Gareis, University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna Version 2, July 11 th , 2003 1. Introduction The general topic of the World Congress of the IPMA (International Project Management Association) in June 1990 in Vienna, Austria was “Management by Projects”. Since then the vision, to cope with the complexity and the dynamics of companies by projects, became reality. “Management by Projects“ is today the best organizational practice in many industries. Research results about the specific strategies, structures, and cultures of the “Project-Oriented Company” (POC) have been published, even the project- orientation of regions and nations have been assessed and benchmarked. This paper introduces the POC as a social construct and describes models for the organizational differentiation and integration in the POC, such as projects, programmes, expert pools, the PM Office, and the Project Portfolio Group. Further a POC Mauity Model , based on the specific business processes of POCs, is presented, which can be applied to assess and to benchmark the competences of POCs. tr It is not intended, to describe the specific business processes of the POC in detail. This is done in the literature broadly for project and programme management. The intention is rather to elaborate on the new perceptions of projects and programmes as temporary organizations and social systems, and to present an integrative model for the POC. 2. The POC: A Social Construct Companies are becoming more project-oriented. Projects and programmes are applied in all industries and in the non-profit sector. To perceive a company as a POC is a social construction. Any company (or parts of a company, such as a division or a profit center), which frequently applies projects and programmes to perform relatively unique business processes of large scope, can be perceived as being project-oriented. 1 A POC can be defined as an organization, which defines “Management by Projects” as an organizational strategy, applies temporary organizations for the performance of business processes of medium and large scope, manages a project portfolio of different project types, has specific permanent organization units, such as a PM Office and a Project Portfolio Group, 1 To simplify the further reading the term “project,” will be used instead of “project and programme”. Many of the presented concepts apply to projects as well as programmes. page 1
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applies a “New Management Paradigm”, and perceives itself, as being project-oriented. To observe the project-orientation of a company requires that we “put on a special pair of glasses of project-orientation,” which allows us to observe the practices of project-, programme-, and project portfolio management and to observe the organizational design and the personnel management, which support these managerial practices.
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Pinto__Project-oriented_Company - Management of the...

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