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Lauren Slyker SERP 431A Decker Translation: Dead Dog A woman goes to visit her friend for a week in New York. She goes to the airport to catch her flight home and she has 2 suitcases and a kennel that her dog is in. When she lands so goes to get all of her luggage, she is waiting while all the other suitcases pass her. She finally gets her two suitcases but she can’t find her dog in the kennel. She goes to the guard for help and he says not to worry that it is on the next plane. He tells her to go home and he will call her when it comes in. The woman goes home and the guard waits for the other plane, when it finally lands he is waiting at the conveyer belt that holds all of the luggage, he is waiting and waiting but the dog doesn’t come. So he asks another employee to help him look for it. They finally find the kennel but inside the dog is dead. He freaks out for a minute and then gets the idea to go get another dog from a pet store and replace the dead dog. So he calls all the pet stores
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Unformatted text preview: and explains what kind of dog he wants. He calls several places and none of them have a similar dog, finally he finds a pet store that has one but it is really far away. He drives all the way over there gets the dog and sees that it is the exact same, a perfect match. The only problem with this dog is that it cost $300, he reluctantly pays for it drives back, takes the collar off of the dead dog and puts it on the new dog, then takes the dead dog out of the kennel and puts the new dog in it, the new dog is very happy. He calls the lady and tells her to come. She comes and sees the dog and says that its not hers. The guard says of course it is, the lady says no its not, the guard says but it has the collar on and everything, the lady says I know but its not my dog, my dog is dead....
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