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Lauren Slyker Decker SERP 431A Translation: Final Exam Students all went into their classroom and found seats. They were there because they had a math final exam. They all took their seats, and the teacher entered the room. The teacher eyed all the students and sat down. The teacher said “Are you ready for your final exam? You have two hours, no more!” The students were all scared of him/her. The teacher passes out the papers and each student gets one. Some students think it’s easy while other students think it is hard. The students start the test as the teacher sits there and watches them. From time to time the teacher looks at the clock to check the time. One hour goes by and a few students finish and hand in their test. Another half hour goes by and more students finish and turn in their tests. The stack of completed exams gets bigger. 1 hour and 45 minutes have passed and even more students finish and hand in their exams.
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Unformatted text preview: Left in the classroom is only ten students. 2 hours have finally passed and all the students turn in their test, all except one. The teacher looks at the student and then looks at the clock and decides to wait a little, but then he/she waits longer and longer. Finally the student finishes and comes to the teacher’s desk. The teacher looks at the clock and says “You’ve finished the test late. Two hours have already passed; I am not going to accept your exam.” The student is a confused and asks the teacher “Do you know my name?” The teacher says, “Do I know your name? Of course not, I have a lot of students.” The student smiles, looks at the stack of papers and then back at the teacher, then he shoves his test into the stack of papers. The teacher is stunned as she watches the student leave....
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