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Lauren Slyker Serp 431 Decker Ramos part 3 1. The “Ducks” was the nickname for a group of Gallaudet alumni who were drumming up support for a Deaf president. The group consisted of Steve Hilbok, Michael O’Donnell, Jeff Rosen, Paul Singleton, James Tucker, and Fred Weiner. They were in charge of bringing the expectation for a Deaf president and were in full support for one. 2. The four deaf leaders were Dr. Roslyn Rosen, Jack Levesque, Gerald “Bummy” Burstein, and Gary Olsen 3. John Yeah, is a Deaf man who owned a computer company. For DPN he donated several thousand dollars to print flyers, buttons, stickers, and other items for the rally. 4. More than 1,500 people were in support of a Deaf president. They were all kinds of people ranging from hearing and Deaf students, faculty, staff, and community members. 5. Bourne did not join the protest at first; she was more concerned with her homework and finals. She finally decided to join the rally when she came to the rally and listened to Dr.
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