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Lauren Slyker SERP 431 Decker Ramos part 4 1. Faculty and staff did donate money as well as students. They donated this money for expenses required through protest, like bail money and money to restore the cars that were towed and damage. 2. Originally Zinser’s desire was to come after the protest because she had work to do and things to finish up in North Carolina. But then she agreed to come out during the protest and made plans to fly out to D.C. and attend a news conference the following day and attend a news conference the following day, where she would be presented as Gallaudet’s seventh president. 3. The DPN was holding its own new conference. Dozen of television cameras captured the moment and beamed it throughout the world. At the news conference, Hlibok reiterated
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Unformatted text preview: the four demands they had made to Spilman and the Board. 4. The leaders of several Deaf organizations were the president of GUAA, Gerald Bummy Burstein; the Executive Director of NAD, Gary Olsen; a representative of the faculty, Dr. Allen Sussman; and a representative of the staff, Frank Turk. 5. Dr. Jordan was concerned about the potential damage to Gallaudets reputation and not wanting to see people get hurt. After meeting with Zinser, Jordan was convinced her should support her as Gallaudets president because he knew Zinser had no intention of backing out, was a capable individual, sincere, and that she cared about Gallaudet....
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