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Lauren Slyker Decker SERP 431A Ramos part 6 1. On Sunday evening at 7pm Dr. Jordan got a call from Bravin that informed him that he was the eighth president of Gallaudet University. 2. Spilman admitted: “I was surprised by the intensity of the reaction to the Board’s decision. I knew there would be severe disappointment, deep disappointment. I did not expect this.” 3. Spilman’s statement was uncalled for and completely inaccurate. She blamed the interpreter as an excuse, she used the interpreter as a scapegoat from her unwarranted comment. 4. Janet Bailey is the interpreter that interpreted Spilman’s statement “Deaf people are not ready to function in a hearing world.” 5. The six keys to successful protest are: a. Partners-you need to be able to have a group of people to rely on and fall back on. b. The protest must be led by youth.- youth have the time and energy to devote
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Unformatted text preview: themselves fully to the cause, they dont have families and job responsibilities that they are preoccupied with. c. The leaders must be selected from within the group.- the group needs to be able to recognize who their leader is and be confident in their leader. d. Division must be avoided, because to divide is to conquer.- you need to have leaders that are on the same page and that are after the same thing or else the end result wont be what the people want. e. The demands must be reasonable and capable of being met.- if they arent then there is no way of getting your goals met. f. The protest must have the support of the media.- the media is the ones that are going to be advertising your protest and painting your picture to those watching the news. They can make or break you....
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