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Lauren Slyker Leslie Decker 9/8/2010 Translation: “The Cave” I remember when I was at Gallaudet University a long time ago, 8 of my friends, 4 boys and 4 girls, went to West Virginia. We went to find a cave on this mountain. We left in the morning and hiked up a hill, finally we found the cave. The opening was small so we had to crawl through it to get in. We turned on our flash lights and saw a river running through the cave. We followed the river, everything thing was so beautiful. Then all of a sudden our lights turned off, all but one flash light died. We tried to find our way back but we got lost. The 4 guys decided they would look for the way out, so the 4 girls
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Unformatted text preview: stayed behind. They couldn’t find it and everyone was getting scared. Then the last flash light went out. We couldn’t see and had to sign on each other’s hands to figure out what we were saying. Finally we decided that if we just stayed there then we would die of starvation, so 3 of us left to find the exit. We finally found the river and followed that, and we found the exit. We could see the moon light illuminating the entrance of the cave. We decided that we were going to hike down the mountain and get some help. We found help and finally went to get the other 5. When they got out they saw the moon and realized that we spent all day in the cave....
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