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the tree - and the tree gets very cold But more days go by...

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Lauren Slyker Leslie Decker 9/10/10 Translation: “The Tree” A person dug a hole in the ground, and walked over and planted a seed. They covered the hole and the tree began to grow. They watered it and the sun hit it, the tree got rained on. Many days have passed and the tree kept growing. A young child came up to the baby tree, unimpressed, shook its branches. Several days went by and the tree grew bigger and stronger and it began to sprout leaves. The person who planted the tree came back and was very impressed with how strong it was. Then a young couple came by and carved their names into the tree and walked away kissing. Days go by and the tree gets bigger and provides shade for people from the hot sun. the tree blows in the wind. More days go by and the tree gets older and begins to lose its leaves as the weather changes. A person comes by and rakes up all the leaves. Soon there is none left and it begins to snow. The tree gets buried and covered in snow
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Unformatted text preview: and the tree gets very cold. But more days go by and the snow begins to melt and the tree gets uncovered. As the snow drips off grass starts to grown around the tree. A person comes and mows the lawn around the tree and trims and makes the tree look beautiful. A young child comes and climbs the tree; they even build a swing on the tree. A cat climbs up the tree and a child see’s the cat in the tree and cries for his mother. The mom see’s the cat and calls the firemen to come and rescue it. The firemen come and perch a ladder on the tree, they climb up the ladder and rescue the cat. The firemen and everyone else leaves. Years go by and the tree gets very old. The owner notices how weak the tree is and decides that it is dying, so the owner cuts the tree down and the tree falls to the ground....
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