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Unformatted text preview: Clas 329 Clas Final Essay Review Essay Requirements Essay 10 Facts 3 Dates Dr. Soren will give you a choice of Dr. two essays. You choose one to write on write Be sure to answer the questions Be being asked!!! being Question 1 Question Compare and contrast the styles of and Compare influences two directors or producers we have studied in this course. You can choose from: Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock, Loreena McKennitt (producer with directorial control, but she is acceptable to compare), Dario Argento, Georges Melies, Robert Wiene. Remember, I will choose the 2 directors you write about. the These you should know really well: These George Melies, “Voyage a la Lune” (1902) Robert Wiene, “Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” Robert (1919) (1919) Fritz Lang, “Metropolis” (1925) New Directors New Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) English, Horror movie Director Entered into film in 1920 doing title cards, Entered and worked his way up to being a director by 1925 by Made his first two films in Munich Famous movies include: Psycho, North by Famous Northwest, Notorious, and Saboteur Saboteur New Directors New Hitchcock influences include: Germanic influences: • • • • Stimmung Werden Psychic acoustics Psychic kammerspiele lighting (Max Rienhardt) Surrealism: • • • • Fascinated by the surrealist movement Liked the idea of timeless, sizeless, airless space An example would be North by Northwest An North Criss-crossing of objects also created surrealist Criss-crossing feel feel New Directors New Dario Argento (1940-present) Italian filmmaker Influenced by surrealism Seen in the film Inferno (1980) Seen Inferno Loreena McKennitt (1957- present) contemporary Canadian Celtic Romantic musician contemporary World music Influences: Pre-Raphaelite movement, Celtic music; Romantic Period, Sufi Religion and philosophy, World Romantic Music, Irish traditional music, Roman archaeology Music, “The Mummer’s Dance”, or “The Bonnie Swans “ Question 2 Question Discuss any one film we have focused on Discuss OTHER THAN The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari or Trip to the Moon or Metropolis, and trace fully the artistic and cultural influences upon it in depth. They do not have to be films we saw in their entirety. You may use such films as Saboteur, Inferno, a Vera-Ellen musical, or a Loreena McKennitt video. You must include specific art movements, dates, art works, and artists in your answer. artists Art in Film Art Hitchcock: surrealism North by Northwest Saboteur Loreena McKennitt Pre-Raphelite movement John William Waterhouse “The Lady of John Shallot” (1888) Shallot” Dario Argento: surrealism Inferno (1980) Question 3 Question What one individual whom we studied in What the course impressed you and why? Make a case why the work of that individual was important and influential. important Question 4 Question Pick one art movement from the SECOND Pick HALF of the course, describe it in detail, and show specifically how it has been important to film history including especially the films we saw in total or in clips in this course: Pop Art, Color-Field Painting, Surrealism, Op Art, Dada, Symbolist Art Art Movements Art Op Art, Pop Art, and Surrealism “The Yellow Submarine” (1968) We saw the sandwich version in class, but We there is a long description on the course website website Surrealism: fantastic images and juxtaposition Pop art/colorfield: highly color saturated Pop images, emphasis on hard edges and flatness images, Op Art: colors and forms arranged so eye Op can’t focus can’t Art Movements Art Op Art: Optical art is a genre of visual art, especially painting, that makes visual use of optical illusions and also uses geometric and hard edge abstraction, and gives the viewer the impression of movement movement Op artist: Bridget Riley Movement in Squares 1961 Art Movements Art Pop Art: Reaction to abstract Pop expressionism, drew on popular culture for inspiration and moved away from abstract forms, see the return of the object forms, Pop Artist: Andy Warhol Marilyn Diptych 1962 Art Movements Art Color Field art: Works demonstrate Color unassuming techniques that emphasize the simplicity of form, abstract, large canvasses, focused on broad areas of color, hard-edged: clean crisp forms color, Color field artist: Ellsworth Kelly Red, Blue and Green (1963) Art Movements Art Surrealism: Main Surrealism: characteristics; timeless, sizeless, airless sizeless, Elements of surprise, Elements strange juxtapositions, non sequitur, focused on creation without conscious control, proconscious dream, inward search for dream, truth truth Surrealist artists: Surrealist Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte Magritte Question 5 Question What in your opinion was the significance What of Vera-Ellen's artistry and what do you think happened to her that caused her to end her days in the manner that she did? Discuss her secret problem and obsession. What were her particular talents and how did she display them? Vera-Ellen Vera-Ellen (1921-1981) Actress, singer, dancer Famous for her role in White Christmas (1954), Famous White but was also in films like On the Town (1949), and The Belle of New York (1952) The Worked with Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and Bing Worked Crosby Crosby Became increasingly reclusive after 1959 Had a daughter in 1963, who passed away that Had same year same Vera-Ellen Vera-Ellen Stayed out of public eye Stayed due to arthritis, depression, high blood pressure premature aging, and possibly anorexia anorexia Preferred to have the Preferred public remember her the way she was in her movies movies Took dancing lessons Took right up until her death in 1981 1981 Question 6 Question Why is Larry David Why considered to be a genius by Dr. Soren and what has he in common with Alfred Hitchcock? with Larry David Larry Co-creator of Seinfeld (1990-1998) along Co-creator with Jerry Seinfeld with Show about nothing Uses some of the same things that Uses Hitchcock does: criss-crossing, object power, surrealism power, Seinfeld and Hitchcock Seinfeld Criss-crossing: 1. Definition- one situation's Criss-crossing: characteristics are found in another unrelated situation characteristics 2. Example: 2. a. Elaine hates when store merchants water the sidewalk with a hose sidewalk b. But the removal of the hose triggers comic tragedy for George who cannot put out a firE in his car George c. The restored presence of the hose leads to comic tragedy for Elaine who is caused by the hose to seem to be a woman of easy virtue be Seinfeld and Hitchcock and Object power: Object Objects are alive and are all powerful in the Objects universe universe Objects secretly know and control the destinies of humans destinies Objects precipitate interconnecting dramas Objects within dramas within Eyeglasses are extremely dangerous Eyeglasses Examples: rare chinese gum, hoses Seinfeld and Hitchcock and Parallel Universe The comedic universe is governed by its own laws own Edge of Surrealism- universe that looks Edge like our own but behaves differently like Also themes of insanity in Seinfeld which Also Seinfeld is seen a lot in Hitchcock movies is The Preceptors wish you good luck on your final!!! Thanks for a great semester! great ...
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