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classics final - Romanhouse theAraPacisAugustae...

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Roman house the Ara Pacis Augustae the Forum of Augustus the Roman Forum 1. 509BC-608AD 2. Building in roman forum: house of vestil virgins, Ragia house pontifex maximus,  curia-senate house. the Colosseum Pompeii Also  Giulio Romano Borromini Palladio Brunelleschi Thomas Jefferson Robert Adam Frank Lloyd Wright  Albert Speer Benito Mussolini Adolph Hitler Leni Riefenstahl Eddie Cantor the EUR Busby Berkeley
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 Franklin Delano Roosevelt IMAGES Senate building- 509 BC to 608 AD Cleopatra- Mark Anthony and Ceasar they were her lovers, last of the Ptomly family Greek Theater- skene- scene or backdrop, orchestra- where music would play, parodos, theatron-audience would sit . Sophocles is famous play write of the time, so was Euripides. Dorothy Arzner was heavily influenced by it Roman Theater- different from greek bc seating is 180 around. Skene has two to three levels, free standing, stage is more projecting Circus Maximus- Ben Hur film plays important part. Down the center of the circus Is the spina. 5
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classics final - Romanhouse theAraPacisAugustae...

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