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notes march 9th

notes march 9th - Carl Laemmle always employs his own...

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Carl Laemmle- always employs his own family. Head of Universal Pictures. Surpervised the style that became the universal style. Came over as an immigrant, pre nazi, still felt problems towards him, came into Wisconsin, moved to New York. That’s where he decided to make movies into New York. Ran into Thomas Edison and was told that he couldn’t make independent films because he had a monopoly on it. Edison sued Laemmle for each movie, so he moved to Chicago, but edisons agents were there suing him. So he moved out to California to escape Edison and his agents. That’s how Hollywood was created. Jewish Immigrant from south Germany. Bookkeeper in Oshkosh Wisconsin, owner of nickelodeons and distributed films, founds independent production company in NY 1909, Thomas Edison seeks monopoly of film business, files 289 law suits. Dracula is first universal successful talkie film. Dracula- style was Romanesque gothic, based on Strawberry Hill, by Walpole. 1 st successful talkie film. John Polidori 1795-1821- takes Lord Byrons story and turns it into a story called the Vampire. Produced
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