Astronomy Activity 1 - LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE ASTR 202...

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L IFE IN THE U NIVERSE ASTR 202 I NSTRUCTOR : P ROFESSOR C HRIS I MPEY Group Activity #1: Description: In this activity, you will explore fundamental aspects of the scientific method using an experiment to test astrology. Astrology is the belief that celestial objects (planets, Sun, Moon) influence our lives directly, or that the alignment of those objects at the time of your birth (denoted by your Star Sign) influences your personality. First you will try to identify your Star Sign from descriptions that are supposed to match your life during the previous week. Then you will try to identify your personality traits from descriptions where the Star Sign labels have been removed. Behind this activity are some important concepts in data gathering and statistics. You will use experiments with a special 12- sided die to establish the significance of results from the tests of astrology. Instructions: Form a group of 4 students (the group can be as small as 3 and as large as 5, but 4 is optimal). You will have just over an hour to complete the activity. Work together, read the instructions carefully, take your time, and ask for help if you need it. One or more members of your group can help answer your questions. Each person in your group should fill in their own copy of the activity as it proceeds, since each person is likely to need the information to complete the homework. Your group will also be required to turn in a separate copy of the activity that represents a consensus of your group’s responses. Both the group activity write-up and the individual homework are due on the Tuesday that follows each activity at the beginning of class. Each member of your group will receive the same grade for the group activity, and an individual grade for their homework. Both grades are out of 10 points. Printed Name Signed Name ID # Group Member #1: __________________________ ________________________ ____________________________ Group Member #2: __________________________ ________________________ ____________________________ Group Member #3: __________________________ ________________________ ____________________________ Group Member #4: __________________________ ________________________ ____________________________ Life in the Universe – Spring 2009 Group Activity #1 1 “A STROLOGY AND S TATISTICS
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P ART A: F ORMING A H YPOTHESIS Astrology has been a part of western culture for over 2000 years. It is part of a broad belief system called divination, where events in the natural world are used to foretell the future. Astrology pervades our culture and can be found in many newspapers and magazines. Astrology says that human events or personalities are affected or influenced by the positions of objects in the solar system.
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Astronomy Activity 1 - LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE ASTR 202...

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