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N AME : ________________________ S TUDENT ID: ___________________ I NDIVIDUAL H OMEWORK #1, D UE IN CLASS , T UESDAY , J ANUARY 27 TH A STROLOGY AND S TATISTICS The group activity attempted two tests of astrology, one using horoscopes and the other using personality descriptors. In each case, people could select from among 12 choices. Under the hypothesis that these forms of astrology do not work at all, people should have had no more success in identifying their Star Sign than if they had plainly guessed. For this homework, you will need a coin and a regular 6-sided die. If you cannot beg, steal, or borrow a die, you can buy one in a drug store, or make one easily from six small squares of cardboard taped together (try squares about 1 inch across and be careful to use equal amounts of tape on each edge or the die will be "loaded"). 1. Imagine that you overheard the following student comments during our class activity. Are any of the following statements valid? Critique each of them from the point of view of the application of statistics and the scientific method.
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