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3501as1-f10 - The specified slump of the fresh concrete is...

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CGN 3501 CONCRETE MIX DESIGN PROBLEM Fall 2010 Due 10/6/2010 A concrete mix for a concrete beam exposed to mild climate is to be designed according to the ACI Absolute Volume Method. A non-air-entrained concrete is to be used. The specified 28- day compressive strength (f’ c ) is 4,700 psi. No past data are available to establish the standard of deviation of the compressive strength of the concrete.
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Unformatted text preview: The specified slump of the fresh concrete is 3 to 4 inches. The cement used will be a Type I cement. Assume the following properties for the aggregates: Coarse Agg. Fine Agg. Dry Bulk Specific Gravity 2.34 2.60 Absorption 4.5% 0.4% Natural Moisture Content 2.0% 0.2% Dry-Rodded Unit Weight 89 pcf - Nominal Maximum Aggregate Size 3/4 inch - Fineness Modulus - 2.4...
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