3501r6 - 2 What is an endurance limit How is the endurance...

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1 CGN 3501 REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR TEST NO. 3 - SET NO. 1 Fall 2010 STRESS-STRAIN DIAGRAM Know how to obtain the following parameters from a stress-strain diagram: (A) Modulus of Elasticity (B) Yield point at a certain offset (C) Johnson's apparent elastic limit (D) Modulus of resilience (E) Modulus of toughness (F) Proportional limit (G) Upper & lower yield points (if any) (H) Ultimate stress (I) Failure stress (J) Modulus of rupture (if any) MECHANICAL TESTS For each of the following mechanical tests, know (A) the property of the material to be measured, and (B) how the property is computed: (A) Compression test (B) Direct tension test (C) Splitting tensile test (D) Simple shear test (E) Static mid-point bending test (F) Torsion test on cylindrical specimen (G) Charpy and Izod impact tests FATIGUE FAILURE ANALYSIS 1. What is an S-N diagram? How is it usually plotted?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What is an endurance limit? How is the endurance limit of a material related to its ultimate strength? 3. What is Minor's rule in fatigue analysis? Know how to apply Minor's rule. 4. Know how to determine failure under a combination of static and cyclic loadings by means of Soderberg and Goodman's theories. Which one of these two theories is more conservative to be used for design purpose? 2 THERMAL STRESS ANALYSIS 1. What is the relationship between length change, temperature change and the coefficient of thermal expansion? 2. What are the typical values of coefficient of thermal expansion for the following materials? (A) Concrete (B) Steel (C) Aluminum (D) Wood 3. What material properties are usually needed in a thermal stress analysis? 4. What are the two conditions which must be satisfied in a thermal stress analysis?...
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3501r6 - 2 What is an endurance limit How is the endurance...

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