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1 CGN 3501 REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR TEST NO. 3 - SET NO. 3 Fall 2010 PLASTICS 1. What is a plastic? 2. What is the first commercial plastic? Who invented it? 3. What are the two major types of plastics? What is the major difference in the characteristics between these two types of plastics? 4. What are the three major types of raw materials for manufacturing of plastics? 5. What are two basic methods of production of plastics? 6. What are the purposes of using the following additives in the production of plastics? (A) Antioxidant (B) Reinforcement
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Unformatted text preview: (C) Plasticizers 7. What are two other types of additives which can be added to plastics? 8. What are the common properties of plastics that make them desirable to be used as engineering materials? 9. What are the typical ranges of specific gravity, tensile strength and elastic modulus of the following plastics? (A) ABS (B) PMMA (or plexiglass) (C) PVC (D) PF (or Bakelite) (E) Fiberglass 10. What are the generally undesirable properties of plastics that must be properly considered when using plastics as structural materials?...
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