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CGN 3501 REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR TEST NO. 4 – PART 2 Spring 2010 HOT-MIX PLANTS 1. What are the main differences between an asphalt batch plant and a drum mix plant? What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of each type of plant? 2. Describe the flow of materials in the production of a hot asphalt mixture in a batch plant. Describe also the main components of a batch plant and their functions. 3. Describe the flow of materials in a drum mix plant operation. Describe also the main components of a drum mix plant and their functions. 4. Describe the three commonly used dust control systems for hot-mix plants. ASPHALT PAVING 5. Describe the major functions of the power unit and the screed unit in an asphalt paver.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What is the main purpose of compaction of asphalt mixtures in pavement construction? What are the possible consequences of improper compaction of an asphalt mixture during construction? 7. Describe 3 major types of roller for compaction of asphalt mixtures in terms of their (A) wheel or roller configurations,(B) applied loads and compaction mechanism, and (C) usages. 8. Describe the correct and the incorrect direction of travel of rollers for proper compaction of asphalt mixtures. 9. Describe the proper rolling sequence in compaction of thick and thin lifts of asphalt mats. ACCEPTANCE OF FINISHED PAVEMENT MAT 10.Describe how a finished pavement mat is to be inspected to ensure that it is of acceptable quality....
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