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3501rpt-example - Scale&amp 1/4 cubit foot bucket...

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TEST FOR DRY-RODDED UNIT WEIGHT OF COARSE AGGREGATE Lab report submitted by: Bill Clinton Bob Dole Al Gore Jack Kemp Date performed: August 26, 1996 Date submitted: September 9, 1996
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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this lab laboratory exercise is to give us a hands-on experience on measuring the dry-rodded unit of a typical coarse aggregate used in Florida. The dry-rodded unit weight is one of the properties of coarse aggregates which are needed in a concrete mix design. The exercise also gives us a better feel of the unit weight of a typical coarse aggregate used in this area. SUMMARY OF TEST RESULTS Dry-Rodded Unit Weight: 89.6 pcf (1436 kg/m 3 ) (of Brooksville aggregate) MATERIALS AND LABORATORY PROCEDURE Material tested: #67 Brooksville Limestone Test performed: Dry-rodded unit weight of coarse aggregate (ASTM C29) Major pieces of equipment used:
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Unformatted text preview: Scale & 1/4 cubit foot bucket. Laboratory Procedure: (A brief description of the test method should go here) DISCUSSION The measured dry-rodded unit weight of the Brooksville limestone appears to be correct. We have learned in class that the Florida limestone is relatively lighter than the other limestones and this fact is verified by the relatively low unit weight as measured. In performing the dry-rodded unit weight test, I saw that the unit weight also depends on how well the aggregate could be packed into the bucket. This is dependent on the gradation of the aggregate. Therefore, I see that it is very important to use a representative sample in this test. TEST RESULTS (Data sheet & calculation goes here) (For other lab exercises, you may present the plots and other analysis results, that are asked for in the lab manual, here)...
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