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CGN 3501 LABORATORY REPORT FORMAT Each lab report should contain the following: A. Group report (60%) (1) Cover Page • Title of the laboratory exercise • Names of your lab group members • Group Number (1, 2 or 3) • Date the lab was performed (including day of week such as Monday or Wednesday) • Date the report is submitted (2) Introduction (1 to 2 paragraphs) Briefly describe the purpose of the tests or experiments performed. (3) Summary of Test Results and/or Findings (½ page to 2 pages) Test results are to be summarized in tabular and/or graphical forms, if appropriate, such that they could be readily read and understood. (4) Materials and Laboratory Procedures (½ page to 3 pages) Include a description of (A) the materials tested, if appropriate, and (B) the major pieces of equipment and the laboratory procedures used in each test. If a standard test method is used, the reference for the test (such as an ASTM designation number) should be given. A brief description of the lab procedures used should be given in all cases. The description in
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