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tips for lab reports - o Make sure that each and every test...

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Tips to remember for Lab Reports - Reports should look professional. o Color can be used, but ensure that the colors are uniform and do not bleed. o Keep grammatical and spelling errors down to a minimum. - Do NOT just copy the lab manual procedure . o Make sure that you report what your lab group ACTUALLY performed in the lab. o Example: If the lab manual states that you used 1500 g of fine aggregate for moisture content analysis, but your group used only 1000 g of fine aggregate. State that you used 1000 g of fine aggregate in your procedure. - Cover all tests performed in your discussion.
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Unformatted text preview: o Make sure that each and every test that your group performs in the lab is covered in your individual discussions. o If the results from your tests fell within the industry’s acceptable limits, then report that the results are acceptable. o If the results are outside of the acceptable limits, then report that they do not meet the industry’s standards and more importantly… WHY they do not. o Discuss any possible errors associated with your tests and how they can or did affect the results of that test....
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