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6505-as1-s09 - (3 Sieve Analysis(ASTM C136(4 Specific...

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CGN 6505 Homework Assignment #1 Due 1/30/09 Go to the following website on the internet: https://elearning.courses.ufl.edu/webct/logon/3047006106031 Log on with your Gatorlink ID and password. Go to the course content for CGN 6505, and the folder “Aggregate Tests”. Watch the videos on the following aggregate tests: (1) Materials Finer than No. 200 Sieve (ASTM C117) (2) Lightweight Particles in Aggregate (ASTM C123)
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Unformatted text preview: (3) Sieve Analysis (ASTM C136) (4) Specific Gravity and Absorption Test (ASTM C127 & C128) (5) Moisture Content Test (ASTM C566) (6) Bulk Unit Weight Test (ASTM C29) For each of the test, do the following: (1) List the major pieces of equipment used in each test. (2) If available, write down the test data, the computation and the final test results as presented in the video....
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