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CGN 6505 Homework Assignment #4 Due 3/6/09 Go to the following website on the internet: https://elearning.courses.ufl.edu/webct/logon/3047006106031 Log on with your Gatorlink ID and password. Go to the course content for CGN 6505, and the folder “Tests on Fresh Concrete”. Watch the videos on the following tests: (1) Density, Yield and Air Content (ASTM C138) (2) Air Content by the Pressure Method (ASTM C231) (3) Aggregate Correction Factor (part of ASTM C231) (4) Air Content by the Volumetric Method (ASTM C173)
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Unformatted text preview: (5) Slump of Hydraulic-Cement Concrete (ASTM C143) (6) Temperature of Hydraulic-Cement Concrete (ASTM C1064) For each of the test, do the following: (1) List the major pieces of equipment used in each test. (2) If applicable, list the test results to be reported by the test, and the computation procedure used to obtain the test results. Watch the other three videos also. No writing assignment on these three videos....
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