5837-6 - AASHO (Association of American State Highway...

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AASHO (Association of American State Highway Officials) Road Test Time: 1956 –62 Place: Ottawa, Illinois, U.S.A. Significance: Most Extensive Road Test in History Objective: To determine the relationship between traffic loading, performance and structural design. AASHO TEST ROAD at Iowa, Illinois Layout of AASHO Road Test Representative Test Loops Note: Only one type of load was applied to each test section. Various combinations of surface, base and subbase thicknesses for flexible pavement test sections, and various combinations for concrete and base thicknesses for rigid pavement test sections were used.
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PSI values of the test sections were measured periodically by means of physical measurement (SV, rut depth, cracking, etc.) How is the performance of a pavement related to its design and traffic? For flexible pavements, it was found that if the design was quantified by a Structural Number (SN), SN could then be related to the number of load applications to cause a certain amount of loss of serviceability as follows: For Flexible Pavements: (For PSI to go from 4.2 to 1.5) Actual plots of Load Applications (to reduce the PSI from 4.2 to 1.5) versus SN However, each line plotted was for a specific type of load. The relationship in each line was combined and expressed in this regression equation: Log W t = 5.93 + 9.36 Log (SN + 1) - 4.79 Log (L 1 + L 2 ) + 4.33 Log L 2 + G t / $ W = axle load applications of end of time t SN = structural number L 1 = load on one single or one tandem axle set, kips L
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5837-6 - AASHO (Association of American State Highway...

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