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Unformatted text preview: Advantages of Recycling in Drum Hot Mix Asphalt Recycling: Hot Drum Plant (Construction Methods and Equipment) Portability Portability High Percentage of RAP High High Production Rates High This set of slides come from “Pavement Recycling Guidelines for State and Local Governments” by NCAT Center Entry Method More Homogeneous Mix More Drum with Center Entry Most Widely Used Most RAP Introduced in Drum, Downstream of RAP Burner Flame Veil of Aggregate Protects RAP Veil Zones in Drum for Drying/Heating Aggregate Zones & RAP and Mixing Drum Plant Showing Center Entry Virgin Aggregate RAP RAP in Parallel-Flow Drum with ParallelIsolated Mixing Area Drum Mixer with Counter-Flow Drum CounterDrying Tube Counter-Flow Dryer with RAP CounterAdded in Continuous Mixer RAP in a Counter-Flow CounterDrum Mixer Parallel-Flow Dryer with RAP ParallelAdded in Continuous Mixer RAP Added in Counter-Flow CounterAggregate Dryer RAP Added in Unitized Dryer/Mixer Double Barrel Double Schematic of Double Barrel Mixer Double Barrel, Counterflow Drum Double Aggregate Superheated in Inner Drum Aggregate Meets RAP in the Annular Space Meets Addition of Binder and Mixing in the Addition Annular Space Shell of Inner Drum Used as Shaft of Shell Coater Outer Shell Does Not Rotate Outer Double Barrel Drum Outer Shell Advantages of Double Barrel RAP and Asphalt Binder Not Exposed to RAP Hot Gases Very Heat Efficient/Low Fuel Very Consumption Very Low Emissions Very Longer Life of Bags in Baghouse Longer Triple Drum Schematic of a Triple Drum Plant Uses Stainless Steel Cylinder to Enclose Uses Combustion Chamber Counterflow Drum Counterflow RAP Material Introduced in Annular Space RAP Formed by Outer Shell Superheated Virgin Aggregates Meet RAP in Superheated Annular Space Red Arrows Indicate Direction of Travel of Radiant Heat Triple Drum Plant RAP Advantage of Triple Drum The Stainless Steel Cylinder is Effective The in Transferring Heat to the RAP Material through Conduction and Radiation Amount of RAP in Drum Plant Recycling Factors Factors Moisture Content of RAP Temperature of Superheated Aggregate Temperature of RAP Temperature of Recycled Mix Amount of RAP Amount Maximum: About 70 % (50% in Florida) Practical: About 15 % - 50 % ...
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